Astridious Az-Zubana

There have been no other Sorceresses in the modern age of Talamh who had amassed such an unparalleled mastery of Magic and political control. Few know the truth behind her power source, only rumors have ever surfaced, but there are some facts known to be true. This tiefling was born in Al-Maisan over a hundred years before the age of exploration, Talamh’s current era. She was born to nobility and by the time she was a young adult had become a master manipulator of the complex court systems that had rough control over the scattered countries that formed Al-Maisan region at the time. It was this unsurpassed guile that quickly put her in a position of power. Slowly uniting, and soon, forcefully taking neighboring territories in the north of Sadr to form her empire. As time past and insurgents and resistors fell, it was noticed that she did not age; maintaining the youthful appearance of a tiefling in her early adulthood. The ageless tiefling, now at least 50 years old and through shear force had taken control of the massive city-state of Al-Maisan. Turning a region into an empire.

Az-Zubana ability to manipulate the raw power of the world around her made her a formidable opponent on her own. She went on to teach various secrets of her skills to various maidens, spies and other less reputable consorts in her employ, though none received knowledge of her full destructive force and true nature. Only a fraction.

Few dared oppose her unnatural powers and her Iron Guard. A group of highly trained soldiers from all walks of life, from slave to noble, who were stripped of their identities and given extraordinary power through a marriage of magic and technology. These elite warriors were feared both in and out of Al-Maisan. The were to be feared in the war with Bodenolf until the collapse of the conflict. After Astridious’s death, it is unknown where all the members fled too or if they are even still alive. They are dangerous to be sure. Some of the technology behind them has also escaped into world due to Extractors.

With Astriduous’s death when overthrown by a slave army during a state of disarray, much of her empire collapsed, causing Al-Maisan to convert into smaller city-states, territories and regions with their own leaders and problems. Though some are not entirely convinced of her death. Her arcane powers were too great and wide spread. It remains to be seen where all of these pieces fell and what has become of the many loyal servants she once had.

Astridious Az-Zubana

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