Bodenolf sits at the center of the main continent and is sometimes called “The Crown Jewel of The East” as the borders of Al-Maisan lie to the north and the border of Corcaigh, Aontroim and The Hinterlands lie to the south. Known for breaking new grounds in science and inducting surrounding countries under its charter, the unified country of Bodenolf was once ready to wage war with Al-Maisan until The Great Tarrasque Attack left nearly a third of its total landmass in ruin.

Elements of Bodenolf- southern, middle, temperate, large, unified, republic, technology, trade, culture

Races- Human, Eladrin (Moon), Elves (Wood), Dragonborn, Dwarves, Halfling, Tiefling, Half Orc

Population- 50,000 in Bodenolf. Nearly double including the entire republic
-There are no slaves in Bodenolf or the republic (a source of tension with Al-Maisan)


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