Celeb-Ost is by far the largest city-state on Talamh. The mega-city stretches for miles both above and under ground. This megalithic city was crafted by the oldest living race, the Eladrin. It was here that Talamh knew the first great nation rise. However, as time stretched on, the Eladrin saw the need for exodus of their people and the young races they shepherded and other races of Saiph. Little is know of that event and what became of the great Celeb-Ost and Saiph. It was a secret so deeply guarded that even time forgot.

The city was a thing of legend and fairy tale to most. A thing of ancient, high magic and forgotten technology. That was until the continent of Saiph was rediscovered in 1137sd. It wasn’t long after this discovery that many set out to re-claim Celeb-Ost and with it all the secrets and treasures left behind. Luckily for the first intrepid explorers, the mega-city was a tough thing to miss. Silver building jut upwards to the sky. It’s center megalith taller than any castle of Al-Maisan or finely crafted tower in Bodenolf. The great city had been found again and the Great Age of Exploration had truly begun.

Currently, Celeb-Ost is under a committee of representatives from the great nations, headed by Kessler Ordensname. The committee has complete jurisdiction and Celeb-Ost and is in many ways is its own City-State. With the great influx of people who lost their homes, families or friends to Tarrasque attack it is hard to say who is truly in control at times. Mercantile house, high orders of mages and other less reputable organizations battle for dominance, while using adventurers, tradesmen and beasts of burden to explore the once forgotten mega-city for profit and thrill.

City Proper

Celeb-Ost is divided into several loosely divided sections, defined mostly by region. For player, the city has a similar square mile land area to Manhattan of 35 miles, though it is not the same shame.

Central Celeb-Ost is composed on large structures (some as high as twenty stories) composed of similar or identical materials and has an extremely uniform appearance. This uniform appearance is present in most other areas save for where newer settlers from Sadr have added their own architecture. The architecture from the original ELadrin inhabitants of Celeb-Ost is quite grand, and built on a massive scale, not seen by modern civilizations of Sadr. There is a great labyrinth of structures below the city’s surface as well. The colors often used in the Eladrin architecture are pale whites, grays, blues, greens and oranges. The use of crystal work is quite extensive as well.

Aside from Central Celeb-Ost, the city is loosely divided by the four directions of North, South, East and West. Southern Celeb-Ost sees the most influx of settlers and the lower valley of Celeb-Dor has generated it’s own farming community in the last few years that is completely generated by settlers. The north part of the city, is much the opposite; composed of wealthy families and power individuals that live in mostly original Celeb-Ost structures. The East is predominantly a middle class area that interconnects with everything. Most adventurers find them selves here. On the western side, a great deal of trade takes place for commodities, magical, alchemical, mundane or otherwise. Several unscrupulous groups have made a haven here. On the further western out reaches of the city’s borders The Iron Desert has slowly crept in; burring everything in it’s path under the thick, elemental iron sand it is composed of.

Population: Nearly 80,000 est. composed of settlers from every part of Sadr. There is also an unknown amount of settlers on the rest of the continent of Saiph, some of whom spend time within the city and the wilds of Saiph.


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