This page represents the common knowledge of people living on Talamh.

The current year under the modern calendar is 1142sd. The “sd” stands for Sein-Dor or Seindor, which means “new land”. This represents when the first settlers arrived on Sadr from the once lost continent of Saiph. A terrible calamity caused the migration, though the truth of that event had become obscured over the centuries. It wasn’t until the modern civilizations were shaken to their core by a tarrasque attack that explorers set out into the world, only to find that the lost continent of Saiph had resurfaced. A race to discover wealth, treasure, power and secrets brought on a rapid expansion in the last 5 years of Talamh. This sets the present stage of world affairs. Many political powers in the world that still function after the tarrasque attack want to stake a claim in Celeb-Ost, the greatest city ever built, and the center of affairs on Saiph.

On Talamh, across the continent of Sadr, most creatures can manage some of the Common tongue if not fluent in it. Languages not found or are barely known are Deep Speech, Primordial, Supernal, Abyssal and languages found in other campaign settings (Forgotten Realms, Eberron). Thri-Kreen are the only creatures that can speak their native language as it requires Thr-Kreen physiology to do so. Gnolls do not have Abyssal as a language and instead may choose Goblin.

Most races are found on Talamh, even if only in small groups. Some races do not appear, though. They can be, however, re-flavored into a offshoot of a race or distant cousin. These races include Drow and Duergar as the Underdark is distant and all but forgotten thing, with all but a few routes to it lost. Bladelings and Githyanki are also not present due to the overwhelming distance and barriers between reality and the Astral Sea. However, there are Githzerai, though none left now are original settlers from the Astral Sea.

Most planes are distant and hard to get to. The Feywild is the closest, but even then have rarely been visited by the commoners of Talamh. It takes a great amount of effort (and wealth) to find a portal to the Feywild. The Shadowfell is also quite difficult to reach and perhaps even harder to get back from. While some have found Shardar-Kai and Revenants wandering lost in The Hinterlands, none have ever found a true portal to the Shadowfell. The Far Realms has never been heard of on Talamh and likely does not exist at all. Other realms border on myth, such as the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. Though there have been settlers from the Astral Sea on Talamh in the past, there has never been a formal way to access that realm and the settlers themselves have become naturalized citizens of Talamh over the centuries.

Life on Talamh has many different facets: Religion, Magic, Psionics and Science. Certain aspects vary depending on location and culture. The gods of Talamh are those featured in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. They are distant, but not silent. Magic is also a very powerful natural occurrence, of which there are still many mysteries. While it is rare for powerful magic to be used or crafted by a person, nature often taps into the mysterious power of magic. Magic items are also a rare commodity. Psionics, another natural occurrence, though entirely different from magic, and science have become linchpins of civilization. They are much easier to understand and control, though their depths have not been fully explored either.

There are several great nations on Talamh. Some have had friction in the past. War was only recently averted due the tarrasque attack. Many are weary of old enmities between controlling powers. Slavery too has only recently been abolished in almost all civilized nations, though several uncivilized or unsympathetic groups fight against this freedom for profit and sometimes even revenge. Many cultures exist with opposing views. Despite this being a new age of exploration, old feuds and grudges were not quickly forgotten. This has caused many headhunters, sell swords and mercenaries to emerge in great numbers to chase those who owe debts as they have fled into hiding, whether in another country or the wilderness.

The wilderness is a dangerous place, and though many races occupy the untamed regions of Talamh, few venture into these wilds alone. Vast mountain ranges, deserts, jungles and forests can be found through out the various regions and countries. The wilderness is dangerous due to the fact that natural things like plants and creatures are able to tap into stray and wild magic the permeates Talamh, which can cause beauty and chaos as their growth is accelerated or twisted. One can never be too sure what could be found in the wilderness of Sadr or Saiph or the deep dark oceans that separate them.

Lastly it is known that Talamh has three moons. These will be described at a later date.


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