Arcane forces have a long history on Talamh, even if those forces have diminished since the dawn of the great civilizations of Sadr. Still, despite the decrease of arcane energies in the world, there is no end to magical endeavors of the many races of Talamh. With so many practices there are many different opinions on magic through the different peoples and regions of world, though only a very minor few ever find themselves true masters of the arts, though one thing is for sure across Talamh; even talented wizards, bards and swordmages have mastered more than a handful of spells.

Magic is in fact quite dangerous. It represents a natural force from outside the world and can twist the very fabric of space and time. Magic’s true nature is not fully understood, even by the brightest scholars of Bodenolf. Much of what it was, and where it came from is a mystery. It is commonly believed that magic draws from the very life around the focal point; either a person or object (natural or otherwise). Some magicians have pulled too hard on arcane forces and drained the life of every living thing around them. Despite the dangers many research the true source of arcane energies and its ties to Talamh and the other planes of the universe.

Magic and Arcana by Region
In Al-Maisan magic has had a history of being tightly controlled, with a select few given the knowledge to form pacts with natural world (or even the unnatural world) to become devious warlocks. However, since the political unrest and assassination of the tyrant Astridious, the warlocks at her disposal have sunken into the dark depths with their deadly knowledge of the arts.

The arcane arts see a bit more freedom in Bodenolf, though there are strict laws that prevent reckless use of magic. Many of these laws have also found a home in Celeb-Ost and its new government who are tasked with keeping order with travelers from all over Talamh. A great number of wizards, artificers and scientists have spent many hours studying the unique nature of magic and the arcane. Many have traveled to Celeb-Ost in order to learn the mysterious secrets of the old Eladrin. Much of Saiph, a continent that seems to have more direct ties to mysteries of the arcane see many of these researchers and their parties. There are even a number of street performers who can make good money by performing prestidigitation tricks in urban environments.

Corcaigh sees very few magic users. Instead, nature itself becomes the focal point of arcane energies. Many travelers and residents of The Hinterlands have come across illusory creatures and marvels. Occasionally trees will grow hundreds of feet taller than any others of the same species. Beautiful creatures can become twisted, deformed aberrations, while slimy toads can become ornate, miniature silver dragons.


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