It was the gods that forged the planes of the universe, including the secluded Talamh. Many people know this and have even heard of the other planes, but few take their existence very seriously. Most have their own faith in any number of the creators, though few go on to become masterful clerics who can call forth the power of their sacred deity. It is believed by most that the gods are quiet observers who shepherd the mechanics of life. They are not silent, but distant. Thus, deep religious beliefs are uncommon on Talamh; though they are not unheard of. There are still a number of people and groups who gain support in converging. There are even some that are small, determined and dangerous. Fortunately it is just as difficult to pull the power of an evil god from across the boundaries.

Others find solace from the spirits of nature and go on to become druids and wardens. These primal spirits are at times elusive, but there are known to be shamans from The Hinterlands who can call forth a companion (usually the soul of an animal). There are even rare occurrences of these spirits in urban environments and are a treat for residents to see.

There are rumors that buried in far corners of Talamh that there are shards of power left by the gods long before they became silent. Some are even said to be in the possession of the powerful and prominent figures of Talamh. Though, none can say what these shards look like, there are many stories of their properties. Some think they are the old seeing glasses of the gods.

The primary gods presented in Talamh are those given in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. They will be further detailed here at a later time.


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