Sadr is believed to be the largest continent on Talamh and is home to the largest civilizations that span most of the continent. The current year on Talamh, 1142sd (Seindor), represents the year the first settlers arrived on Sadr and would later go on the form the center of civilization, Bodenolf, The Crown Jewel of the East, one of the three great nations on Sadr. The other two being Al-Maisan and Corcaigh.

Though the human cultures that formed Al-Maisan date back further, little is known of the pre-settler world of Sadr. What little knowledge of that era that remains is guarded, even by the Eladrin. Few can even remember why the earlier settlers came to the lands of Sadr.

Sadr sees nearly every creature and culture in some form, with most living amicably, save for the nation of Al-Maisan, where until 1141sd there was slavery and a domineering, militaristic tyrant. Such a massive shock to their culture and others across Sadr came in the year 1132sd when The Great Tarrasque Attack which left most of the continent crippled, yet spurred and new era of reformation.

Yet this era of reformation is not without its sorrows.


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