Talamh is no stranger to earthquakes, tidal waves, portals and other geological and magical events, though none remain more mysterious than the continent of Saiph. The idea that the countries of Sadr and it’s people are the offspring and pilgrims of this once far away continent is a strange and unbelievable idea to most, but the oldest and wisest of Eladrin scholars say otherwise. Buried deep in musty tomes under Al-Maisan, written by long forgotten Eladrin historians, it was told of the mass exodus of peoples from Saiph to any land they could find. It was this exodus that lead to the birth of the great civilizations of Sadr and to this day, little is known about the reason of the exodus.

Even harder to swallow is the idea that a continent can go missing. Many intellectuals have debated to location of Saiph for many years and was even sought after by a few wealthy explorers. It became a pastime for many nobles and rich merchants to spend a year searching for Saiph, though most efforts were unrecorded and of little integrity.

When The Great Tarrasque Attack occurred, most of these contemplations were put on hold while the civilized world pulled itself back together. Then it was heard in 1137sd through whispers across the great nations. Saiph has at last been found. The rumors grew more outlandish, and yet they grew more true. Saiph was only a few hundred miles of Sadr’s western coast! A startling fact, to be sure, but even more startling was that Celeb-Ost has been found. The great ancient city, the city of the Old Eladrin, had been found.

Too few could take the time to be scared. The Tarrasque had destroyed so many hopes and dreams of the great nations before war or strife every could. This was a new era. An era of freedom. This was the era of the great exploration.


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